Apple Spice

Rs. 799.00
 A precise blend of Apple and Cinnamon essential oils recreating Christmas festivity, anytime.

Air Roma Organic Scented candles are only made with 100% organic waxes like, Soy and Carnauba. These hand-crafted candles imbibe a delicate balance of essential oils to deliver a smooth and linear experience. Your perfect partner for an aroma therapy session, it can be used as mood enhancer too.

Candles produce a soothing ambience and can be used in Rooms, Washroom, Spa Sessions, Study Rooms, Office Cabins.

Open the box and light the wick and place it at a place of your liking. These candles can be used during an aromatherapy session too.

Apple Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Soy Wax, Carnauba Wax, Stabalizers


Q. Are these candles toxic ?

A. No

Q. Does these candles have Paraffin Wax ?

A. No. 

Q. What is the burning time of the Candle ?

A. These candles last for 36 hours but this may vary with different weather conditions and interval of burning.

Q. Can we add more essential oils over candles ?

A. We do not recommend adding essential oil as the flame will burn the oil which can create smoke, or may create an uncomfortable ambience for breathing.

Q. One side of my candle has burned more than the other side, what is the reason ?

A. This usually happens because of the air flow direction.

Q. Can we reuse the jar ?

A. Yes. The jar is a regular glass jar and can be used again.

Q. Does this candle have smoke ?

A. No, this does not have any smoke unlike paraffin wax.

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