Is Your Room Freshener The Right One?

Times have changed. No wonder, the whole concept of home fragrance has also evolved. Now it is not any fragrance but only the right fragrance to accentuate the decor of a room, also to enhance its aura.The choice of room fragrance also depends on the time of the day and mood. 

With global exposure, Indians have become discerning about the quality and choice of home fragrances.As Indian fragrance market is inundated with brands this causes confusion in the minds of the buyers. Using the apt fragrance can not only enhance the setting but also helps the occupant relax and rejuvenate. On the other hand, using fragrance high on chemicals can cause damage to the nervous system.

There are a plethora of choices available; from scented candles to room spray, sachets to diffusers. Car fragrance is also a fast emerging section that has become almost a necessity in every car.

How to choose your room freshener brand

First thing first. The freshener needs to be a blend of natural extracts carefully blended in the lab with other enhancers, bindings and stabilizing agents.  What you have to understand is that the fragrance is an art form, from perfume to room fragrance or even car fragrance is curated and blended. This is a process that uses art and science. Therefore, when you buy a room freshener, keep away from bulk produced, chemically-driven fragrances.

On the label or the packaging look for content and composition. Please ensure that your fragrance brand is using 100% essential oils and not chemicals. 

Also check the packaging for words like ‘Natural.’ ‘Safe’ and ‘Organic.’ Look for brands with a blend of natural extracts and pure essential oils. Also, see if they offer Anti-Bacterial properties. This will help you to cleanse the air in your room.

If buying aroma candles, check the label if it uses any petroleum based wax or paraffin. These could be harmful for you. Also ensure that the candles are made with the use of essential oils and not chemicals. 

Remember, the choice of room freshener, irrespective of the form, a freshener also needs to be based on the same factors; natural ingredients, safety  and being toxic-free.