3. Fragrance Collection:

1. Essence of Life Collection: Essence of Life collection by Air Roma is a true reflection of perfumery art and it imbibes and explores the varied hues of life, its inherent essence.
This is a collection of premium fine fragrances that are distilled with the most finest ingredients sourced from around the world. Every fragrance in the collection is crafted with the highest precision of the perfumery art and scientific precision. Experience the most elusive range of home and car fragrances. with our all new exclusive Essence of Life Collection.

- Products:
- Room Spray: English Gardenia, Musk Essence, Turquoise Sea Breeze
- Diffuser Oil: Apple Spice, Japanese Rose, Madurai Jasmine, Lemongrass, Sea Breeze, English Ocean, Ginger Lily, Orange Blossom
- Scented Candles: Apple Spice, Japanese Rose, Lemongrass

2. Natural Collection: A precious and rare collection of natural smelling fragrances developed with the finest essential oils to deliver sublime experience. This range envelopes you in its natural tones creating a beautiful world around you.

- Aqua Collection
- Products:
- Room Spray: Atlantic Breeze
- Perfume Parcel: Cool Aqua
- Bathroom Gel Fresheners: Cool Aqua
- Floral Collection
- Products:
- Room Spray: Mogra, Jasmine, Rose, Lavender
- Perfume Parcel: Jasmine, Lavender
- Bathroom Gel Fresheners: Garden Dew
- Citrus Collection
- Products:
- Room Spray: Lemongrass
- Perfume Parcel: Citrus Fresh
- Bathroom Gel Fresheners: Lime Fresh
- Woody Collection
- Products:
- Room Spray: Sandal