Air Roma Home and Car Perfumes

Black Musk

Rs. 349.00 Rs. 399.00

Airroma Car Freshener (45g)

To be used in all types of cars; hatchback, sedan, MUV or SUV

Open the box, remove the foil seal and with the help of double tape stick on the dashboard. Adjust the fragrance intensity as preferred using the top lid.

Organic Fibre Pads, Cherry Essential Oil and Stabilisers

Q. Where shall we place the container ?
A. Its preferred to place the container on the dashboard for best results.

Q. Can we place the container in the cupholder ?
A. Yes, you can place, but placing on the dashboard will give you 360 degree air flow, which will give you better linear fragrance through the car.

Q. How many days it will lasts ?
A. It will lasts 45+ days subject to the weather conditions and air ventilation in the car.

Q. Is it safe for kids ?
A. Our car fresheners are made with essential oils and has no added petroleum chemicals or gels, it is safe for kids, pets and old age people as well. But, however different bodies may be allergic to different essential oils. It is always recommended to consult a specialist if you feel uncomfortable while using the freshener.

Q. The fragrance intensity getting low post 2 weeks ?
A. We suggest to flip the fragrance pads up side down every week for same intensity of fragrance through out the life of the freshener. Always use tissue while flipping the fragrance pads.

Q. Can we directly keep the fragrance pads on the dashboard or ac vent grill ?
A. We do not suggest to directly keep the fragrance pads on any kind of surface. Since different essential oils may have different reaction with different surfaces, so it may damage the surface of
contact. Always keep the fragrance pads in the container itself.

Q. Since I am sensitive towards strong fragrances, how do I reduce the intensity of the fragrance ?
A. The fragrance intensity can be controlled through the top lid off the container. But, however if you still wants to reduce the fragrance intensity further, we suggest to place the container under the front seat. Since the air flow is the least under the seat, the fragrance dispersion will be slow.

Q. Can we use it in our homes ?
A. Since the product is designed for smaller areas like cars, it may not have great impact in the bigger areas. But however, it can work in smaller areas like; cupboards, shoe cupboard, under the sink, small toilets, etc.

Q. Can we use any other essential oil in the fibre pads ?
A. All our essential oils are manufactured with a specific formulation to give best results in the fragrance pads. We do not recommend to use any other essential oil, as this will impact the performance of the pads.

Q. Can we add alcohol of water to the pads ?
A. We do not recommend to add any alcohol or water to the pads.

Q. Can we reuse the fragrance pads ?
A. No. The fragrance pads cannot be reused.

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