Cool Blue

Rs. 49.00 Rs. 62.00

 Refreshing and mild Aqua hue with lasting impression. 


‘This perfume parcel is not just an average envelope. It is packed with perfume, and more perfume, carefully curated to liven and freshen up any surroundings. This wonder sachet comes equipped with a unique germ protector technology, helping in controlling germs and bacteria spread for upto 30 days**. Precisely and artistically blended, it delivers natural, luxurious
aromatic experience.

 To be used in Washrooms, Toilets, Wardrobes, Shoe Cupboard

Just open the outer pouch and hang it at any desired place

 Aqua Fragrance Powder

Q. Can we use it in car?
A. Not suggested. The product is specifically designed for indoor temperature and humidity.

Q. How many days would it last?A. According to lab test, the fragrance lasts upto 30 days, subject to specific temperature and humidity. Performance may vary with under different temperature and humidity.

Q. Can we use the powder inside the pouch on body?
A. No. Please do not tear the pouch. Once the fragrance has gone, throw the pouch.

Q. What if the pouch is soaked in water?
A. Splashes of water will not affect as the pouch is water resistant. But avoid soaking  it in water, as it can directly impact the performance of the product.

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