Lime Fresh

Rs. 329.00
 Made with pure lemon oil, it has the power to mask any bad/foul odour. Lime Oil is a natural odour neutraliser and therefore it creates a refreshing aroma which is easy to breathe. Now get perfect fragrance for perfect, happy bathrooms.

These Gel Air Fresheners are made with a unique water-based gel technology. These gels are non-toxic and have no harmful chemicals. Breathe fresh and breathe good with our range of gel air fresheners.

 These gels can be used in bathrooms, toilets, wardrobes, kitchen, small rooms. office cabins

 Open the box, remove the foil and hang it to your desired place.

 Lime fragrance oil, Surfactants, Solubalizers, Gelling Agent

Q. How long does it lasts ?
A. Basis lab tests, it lasts upto 30 days under preferred environment. Different weather conditions and humidity level may impact the performance and longevity of the gel.

Q. Can we use it in car ?
A. Not suggested because of high temperatures in the car. However in a suitable weather conditions like low temperature areas, the gel freshener should perform as per its characteristics.

Q. Is the gel same as gelatine we eat ?
A. No, this gel freshener is made with commercial gel and is strictly for external use.

Q. Does this gel has any harmful chemicals ?
A. No. These gels are purely made with water gel technology and no harmful or toxic chemicals are used.

Q. Are these gels safe to use in small pet house ?
A. Yes. Since these gels carry no harmful chemicals it is safe to use with pets and children.

Q. Can we use these gels in our travel bag ?
A. Not recommended. Since these are water based gels, major climate changes can release vapours and can damage clothes or the travel bag.

Q. Can we carry these gels during travelling ?
A. Yes. But do not open the foil during travelling.

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