Mandurai Jasmine

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Fragrances extracted from farm fresh Jasmine

This extraordinary aroma traces its root to the blessed fields of Madurai. Hand- plucked white jasmine is carefully processed to create this magical and rare aroma. The soothing aura of this fragrance will soothe your senses. The tender, sweet floral notes makes it perfect for relaxing home spa sessions.

To be used with aroma diffusers in rooms, bathrooms, living areas and offices.

Add 4-5 drops of Air Roma diffuser oil in the aroma diffuser filled with 15 ml water. Once the oil evaporates, add few more drops in water. Choose the quantity of Air Roma diffuser oil basis your preference for fragrance intensity

Jasmine Oil, Stabalizers and Solvents

Q. Can we use these oils on skin ?

A. No. These oils are design to be used with aroma diffusers only.

Q. Can we use these oils with Humidifiers ?

A. No. Since these oils are not water soluble, therefore they are recommended to be used with Aroma Diffusers only.

Q. How many drops are to be added in a Diffuser ?

A. The quantity of oil varies as per your preference for fragrance intensity. More drops will result in a higher intensity fragrance.

Q. Where should I keep my diffuser ?

A. Anywhere indoors. Make sure the doors and windows are closed so that the fragrance doesn’t drift out. This will enhance the aromatic experience.

Q.Why do I get good results in rooms, but not in my living room ?

A. When using in a living room, make sure all the windows and doors are closed. Also, for bigger areas like the living room, either use two diffusers or increase the quantity of oil for higher fragrance diffusion.

Q. Can I use these oils in food ?

No, these are aroma oils and not food grade essenc

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