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A fragrance that reflects the true identity of a Rose Flower. This fragrance is the most natural smelling Rose fragrance, which will not just freshen up your surroundings, but creates an ambience that is filled with love, peace and harmony.

If you ever wondered where does the gas air fresheners go after few seconds, then you should use these liquid based air fresheners which are free from toxic gases and harmful chemicals. Made with Natured Inspired fragrance oils these sprays have better longevity and a better linear spread in your area. 5-6 sprays in the corner on a fabric will given you hours of refreshing fragrance. For instant and long lasting fragrances these are the perfect fresheners.

Can be used in Homes, Office, Hotels

Open the seal off the pump and spray it on the room fabric like: curtains, mats, carpets, linen, sofa, chairs, etc.

 Rose Fragrance Oil, Solvent (Denatured Alcohol), Aqua.

Q. Can we add water to the liquid freshener ?
A. No. This is a non water soluble mixture. Adding water will impact
the performance of the product.

Q. Can we spray in the air ?
A. Not suggested. We recommend to spray on fabrics.

Q. Will it stain the fabric ?
A. No. The freshener does not have any artificial colour, so it will not leave a stain.

Q. The colour of the freshener keeps changes as it gets old ?
A. These fresheners have natural essential oil and Alcohol, which
can change the colour over a period of time. This does not effect the performance of the product.

Q. Does the product has same alcohol that we dink ?
A. No. This product has a denatured alcohol which is made unfit for drinking. This product is for external use only.

Q. Does this product has anti bacterial properties ?
A. This product is an Alcohol base and Alcohol is has anti bacterial
properties, but in the absence of any lab report we do not commit
the anti bacterial properties.

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